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Integrated Pain Management

Pain management is a comprehensive approach to diagnosing, treating and controlling pain. It uses a multi-pronged and individualized treatment plan to coordinate safe and effective options that can address the physical, emotional, social, and psychological aspects of pain. In a balanced approach to pain management, people with pain, along with their family members and caregivers, learn to manage the pain in safe, effective, responsible and healthy ways to improve or maintain their overall well-being. 


Components of a balanced pain management plan may include: 


•minimally-invasive injection-based therapy

•physical therapy and rehabilitation

•psychological counseling

•social support


•other complementary approaches



When medications are necessary, there must be full recognition of potential side effects and appropriate management of the medications.


It is important that individuals afflicted with pain know that they will have to be active participants in their journey from being a patient to a functional person — all with the assistance of their support network. Balanced pain management means a team approach to ensure that people with pain can improve their quality of life, increase function and reduce suffering.

Because no two patients experience pain the same way, we believe in taking a customized approach to help reduce pain and maximize function. Our physicians fully evaluate each patient individually and tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs.


We also design our treatment plans so that they can be adjusted based on your progress. This allows us to work in partnership with you to achieve the best possible long-term pain management results.

Pain Treatment Options